WHILE many of us may dream of becoming The Open Champion, those visions will never likely become a reality. However, you can enter the history books another way through the game of golf by trying to name one of the many World Records out there. Here we look at some of the most interesting records, which have stood for so many years – and some that are broken year after year:


Longest (usable) golf club

Record: 20 feet, 6 inches (15.57metres)

Who: Michael Furrh and Mike Rausch

American Michael Furrh has a knack of creating the longest usable golf club. He has set the record on numerous occasions and always bounces back soon after his record is broken. Earlier this year he created a 15.57m club, gave it a good swing and hit the ball 45.95m at the Ben Hogan Learning Centre in Texas to set a new record. This time he did it with the assistance of his friend Mike Rausch.


Longest time controlling a golf ball on a golf club

Record: 1:37.58 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)

Who: Brad Weston

The longest time a person has spent controlling a golf ball with one club is 1 hour 37 minutes 58 seconds, achieved by Brad Weston in Illinois, United States, in March 2017. The attempt took place during a golf expo. Weston practiced for one hour, every day, for four years to break this record.


Fastest hole completed by an individual

Record: 1:29.62 minute(s):second(s)

Who: Tomas Detry

This record might be familiar to those who follow the European Tour’s social media channels. Belgian Thomas Detry’s record-breaking time was filmed by the Tour’s media team in 2019 and eclipsed the previous record held by Ruben Holgado Guerrero. The feat was also completed on the same hole (10th) at Real Club de Golf Guadalmina in Spain.



Largest Golf Lesson

Record: 1,073

Who: Mayakoba Golf Classic

The largest golf lesson ever recorded saw 1,073 participants line up at the behest of Golf PARa Todos, a local community initiative of the PGA Tour’s Mayakoba Golf Classic in Mexico. 1,153 people started but 80 of them left before the 30-minute slot was over – or were deemed not to be participating actively in the lesson. Golf PARa Todos offers huge free lessons every month but they had never previously (or since) surpassed the 1,000 attendants mark.


Highest stack of golf balls

Record: Nine

Who: Don Athey

With immense precision and care, Don Athey managed to stack nine golf balls on top of each other without the use of adhesive, to create a world record back in 1998 in Ohio. Good luck trying to beat this one.


Highest Golf Course

Record: 13,025 feet (above sea level)

Where: Yak Golf Course

Yak Golf Course in East Sikkim, India, entered the record books in 2006 when it was measured at 13,025 feet above sea level. The course is part of an Indian Army training base and measures 6,026 yards from the back tees.


Longest throw of a golf ball

Record: 120.24m

Who: Stefan Uhr

Nobody has beaten the record set in 1992 by Sweden’s Stefan Uhr, who managed to throw a golf ball just over 120 metres. What was unclear is whether Stefan was throwing it downwind or not.


Longest throw of a golf club

Record: 53.7m

Who: Colin Pischke

It’s unknown if Colin was “Pischke-d off” after a particularly bad shot when he launched a golf club over 50 metres at Notre Dame Collegiate School in Alberta, Canada, two years ago. Either way, his world record stands, although we’re sure that there are a few European Tour players who could give this a run for its money.


Fastest individual round of golf

Record: 27.9 minute(s); second(s)

Who: James Carvill

Warrenpoint Golf Course in Northern Ireland was the course on which James Carvill completed 18 holes in a rapid 27 minutes and 9 seconds to set a new quickest world record. Carvill had official assistance all the way round, with friends handing him a club for each shot, and a ball was readily teed up for him on every new hole. A year earlier he had attempted to break the existing record but failed by just seven seconds on the 6,154 yard course.


Farthest golf shot caught by a moving car

Record: 250m.

Who: David Coulthard and Jake Shepherd.

The farthest golf shot caught by a moving car is 250m and was achieved by David Coulthard and Jake Shepherd at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey in 2012. The record was achieved at the second attempt and the ball actually landed in the car at a distance greater than 250m – however, the 250m marker was the closest point at which it could be certain that the record had been achieved.