The simple stretch that improves your swing

by Kevin Duffy Kevin Duffy. The Golf Strength and Movement Guru

into an internally rotated position, and the right shoulder can then consequently get tight. The pec, the lat, and the right shoulder blade can become a little unstable. This can have a knock-on effect during the backswing, as it might become harder to get the right arm into a good position – and therefore I see a lot of players over-rotating their ribcage to try and get the club in position, because their shoulder was too tight.

A really easy way to work on this – it’s gentle and subtle and you can do it every day – is a simple stretching exercise. Put your right arm into a ‘top of the backswing’ position, and then, when you feel that the shoulder is at 90 degrees and not shrugged up towards the ear, just gently rotate to the left and the right. This will very gently stretch the shoulder and will work it to the opposite of what it’s doing in the through-swing. As a result, your backswing will be a lot easier to put together.


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