How to improve accuracy

by Pete Cowen, Master PGA Professional

One thing I often get asked is how I keep the direction of my ball an awful lot tighter, rather than hitting it right or left. With this, I think of the two worst shots in golf: right-going-right and left-going-left. So where do they come from?

Right-going-right comes from when the club is coming into the ball too flat, with the clubface and the shaft going vertically.

Left-going-left is when the club is coming into the ball vertically to horizontally, and when you put these two approaches together you get a 90-degree angle. So, if you stand behind the ball and put up the 90-degree angle you can see that you’ll lose both balls – one left and one right.

Where do you want to go – in between the 90-degrees, down the middle of the fairway. So, when we’re looking at 45 degrees, we look at the shaft angle at address – it’s about 45 degrees. So, when it’s going back, it wants to be about 45 degrees, and in this position again at the top. As we swing down, the shaft comes back to 45, and again at impact. So, if we maintain this 45 degree angle throughout, in a simple form, then the ball should go in the right direction – Providing the clubface is square to that arc.