How to grip the club

by Pete Cowen, Master PGA Professional

A question I am frequently asked a lot in golf is how to grip the club correctly. Most people, unfortunately, try and grip it in what we call ‘neutral’. But unfortunately, our arms don’t bend like that when we make a swing. So, I like to explain, grip it ‘naturally.’ Assume the posture over the ball and let your arms hang freely. With your arms hanging, make a grip with your fingers in mid-air, pull them together and if you look now you could say that this is a natural position. So, grip it like this, rather than ‘neutral,’ while trying to have the hands oppose one another.

When I assume this natural grip, you can see the ‘V’ shapes in my hands are still opposing and they’re pointing between the chin and the right shoulder. When I put the club behind the ball, you’ll see the same thing. So, I’m gripping it naturally, and if you do this, you’ll hold onto it an awful lot better.