How to build more power in your swing

by Kevin Duffy. The Golf Strength and Movement Guru

If we take out some of the mystique of the golf swing, what we’re basically trying to do is generate energy in the body, which we transfer to the club.  During this action we try to get the club working on a good path, with a good face-to-path relationship, in order to hit the ball straight.


It’s easier in other sports to see this energy, and one of the most simple actions is throwing a ball. If I throw a ball, I’m going to stretch up, counter rotate, and then I’m going to extend my arm to throw the ball.

I like to see the golf swing in three phases – rather than just backswing and downswing. So, to me, there’s the stretch phase, the counter-rotation phase and the extension phase. That is an easier way to see how you create the elastic energy.


The three phases of the throwing motion:

  • Stretch phase: Here I bring the ball back.
  • Counter Rotation phase: I take the section from around the middle of my rib cage and below, and turn back towards the target. This creates a separation through my body and energy into my muscles.
  • Extension phase: This is where I release that energy.


So, looking at it in three ways is a good method of visualising and feeling that energy that you’re going to need to create.


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